4th International Conference

of the Group for Social Engagement Studies, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory

in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Social Justice: New Perspectives, New Horizons


May 4, Day 1

Conference Venue: Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation, Studentski trg 5

09.00-09.30       Registration

09.30-10.00       Welcome Address – Plenary Room

Petar Bojanić, Director of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory

Nikola Tanić, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

Alexander Jung, Chargé d’Affaires, German Embassy in Serbia

Heinz Albert Huthmacher, Director of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

10.00-11.30       Plenary Presentations Plenary Room (chair: Marjan Ivković)

Wolfgang Merkel (WZB, Berlin Social Science Centre): “Social justice and the three worlds of welfare capitalism”

Lisa Herzog (Institute for Social Research, Frankfurt am Main): “The Game You’re in. Social Norms and How They Can be Abused”

11.30-12.00       Coffee Break – Lower Lobby

12.00-13.30       Session I  

Panel 1 Mala sala

Chair: Tamara Petrović Trifunović

The Role of Civil Rights in Attaining a Just Society

Panel 2 Sala Josif Pančić

Chair: Igor Cvejić

Freedom, Justice and the Market

Panel 3 Muzička sala

Chair: Srđan Prodanović

Welfare and Redistribution – Contemporary Theory and Practice

Kimberly S. Adams

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

From Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall: President Barack Obama and Civil Rights

Richard Christian

University of Wolverhampton

Markets, Exploitation, & Justice

Alexandru Volacu

Faculty of Political Science, NUPSPA (Bucharest)

Heterogeneous Rationality and Reasonable Disagreement in the Original Position

Nadjhia Normil-Skakavac

Virginia State University

It’s Just another ‘negro’: Police Brutality and the Unrendered Justice in America

Gottfried Schweiger

Centre for Ethics and Poverty research, University of Salzburg

Social Equality, Social Justice, and Market Socialism

Suzana Mihajlović

Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade

Trends of welfare redistribution in the European welfare states

Vincent Redhouse

Australian National University

A Case for the Separation of Indigenous Peoples from Their Settler Colonial    States

Olga Nikolić                           

Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven

Social Justice and the Formal Principle of Freedom

Branko Bošković

University of Donja Gorica

From Neoliberalism and Social Democracy to Social Investment: Equality under Scrutiny

Joseph Grim Feinberg

Philosophy Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences

Civil Society and Uncivil Justice

Vladimir Mentus

Institute of Social Sciences Belgrade

Attitudes towards Freedom and Equality – Empirical Examination of Trends in Europe

Maria Roxana Triboi

University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu”

Spontaneous Large Scale Practice, Urban Pastoralism as An Environmental Tool For Sustainable Urban Planning

13.30-14.30       Lunch – Lower Lobby

14.30-16.00       Plenary Presentation – Plenary Room (chair: Jovan Babić)

Tobias Reichardt (University of Trier): “Equality as an Ideal that Transcends Capitalism? The Critique of the Frankfurt School”

16.00-17.30       Session II

Panel 4 Mala sala

Chair: Sanja Milutinović Bojanić

CAS Panel

Panel 5 Sala Josif Pančić

Chair: Mark Losoncz

(Re)conceptualization of  Social Justice

Dragan Tevdovski, Trajche Panov, Dane Taleski 

Center for Advanced Studies, Rijeka

Socially Impoverish and Entrap: A Strategy to Maintain a Hybrid Regime

Robert Gallagher

American University of Science & Technology (Beirut)

Reciprocity and Justice

Ali Emre Benli                                                          

Center for Advanced Studies, Rijeka

Rawlsian vs. Social Choice Approach to Theorizing Injustice

Nicolaï Abramovich

Paris-Sorbonne University

Recognition, Decency and Humiliation: Inequality as a Moral and Logical Contradiction

Vladimir Unkovski-Korica

Center for Advanced Studies, Rijeka

City Partnerships as Détente from Below? Twinning Bologna and Zagreb

Sean Comer

National University of Ireland

Martha Nussbaum’s Ten Central Capabilities as a Universal Theory of Justice: A Non-relative Ethical Defence.

Nicolae – Emanuel Dobrei

Faculty of Political Science, NUPSPA (Bucharest)

Citizens above the Constitution. Rawls, Schmitt and the requirements of public justification

Coşkun Güllü

Celal Bayar University

A Critique of Social Justice Theory: The Challenges in Implementation of the Social Justice Theory in a Capitalist Society

Venue: Cultural Center ‘Parobrod’

18.00-19.30       Conversation with Jose Gil (chair: Igor Krtolica)

20.00-21.30       Reception

Presentation of the Group for Social Engagement Studies

Launch of the special issue of Philosophy and Society: “Engaging Reflectivity, Reflecting Engagement”


May 5, Day 2

Conference Venue: Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation, Studentski trg 5

9.30-11.00       Plenary Presentations – Plenary Room (chair: Igor Cvejić)

Snjezana Prijic Samaržija (University of Rijeka): “Social and Epistemic (In)justice”

Christian Piller (University of York): “Broome and Aristotle on Fairness”

11.00-11.30       Coffee Break – Lower Lobby

11.30-13.00       Session III

Panel 6 Mala sala

Chair: Aleksandar Matković

Commodities, Freedom and Social Change

Panel 7 Sala Josif Pančić

Chair: Vladimir Mentus

Epistemology of Social Justice


Panel 8 Muzička Sala

Chair:  Aleksandar Pavlović

Social Justice: in Search of Alternative Paradigm

Julian Fink

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

The Morality and Justice of Price/Quality and Ethical Consumerism

Federica Liveriero

University of Piemonte Orientale

What Are the Democratic Bases of Equality? Epistemic Parity and Political Disagreement

Rommel M. Mazo

De La Salle University-Dasmarinas

Iris Marion Young’s Theory of Justice

Vladimir Gvozden, Alpar Lošonc

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad / Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad

The Impact of Selling Places on the Commodification of Social Justice

Robin Zheng

Yale-NUS College (Singapore)

Bias, Structure, and Injustice: A Role-Ideal Model of Accountability for Implicit Bias

Peter Oni

University of Lagos

Global Justice As Self-Preservation Strategy: The Tale Of A Dancing Cockroach

Janelle Diller

University of Windsor

Social justice and international and transnational law: Contemporary patterns

Oana-Alexandra Derviş

Faculty of Political Science, NUPSPA (Bucharest)

Metric, Criterion and Just Institutions: Can Resources and Capabilities Meet Expectations?

Jan Škrob

Charles’ University  in Prague

Title: Mad Studies and Radical Democracy

Sibel Kibar

Kastamonu University

Three Examples on Justice, Rights and Freedoms in Neo-Liberal World

Sergio Mas Diaz

Words and Worth. Reasons and emotions in the fight against injustice

12.00-18.00       Parallel events

12.00-18.00 “Social Justice: Critical Perspective”

Center for Politics of Emancipation

Venue: Belgrade Youth Center

13:00 Round table: “Out of Your Sight: poverty, rurality, gender” (in Serbian)

Center for Ethics, Law and Applied Philosophy

Center for Communities Development

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory

Venue: Muzička sala, Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation

12:00-13:30 Marica Frangakis: “Social Justice and the Neoliberal State – The ‘Shock Therapy’ of Greece”

13:30-14:30 Lunch

14:30-16:00 Christoph Henning (University of St. Gallen):

Productivity, Justice, and Violence: Critical Perspectives from Political Economy”

16:30-18:00 Joachim Becker (Vienna University of Economics and Business): Restructuring Production – Options for the Central Eastern and Southeast European Periphery”

18:00-18:30 Coffee Break

Sanja Milutinović Bojanić, Center for Advanced Studies, Rijeka

Mihajlo Đukić, RRPP LCU Serbia

Gezim Krasniqi, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London

Milana Lazić, Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit, Government of Republic of Serbia

Slavica Milojević, Institute for Social Protection of Republic of Serbia

Olivera Vuković, SeConS Group for Developmental Initiative

Gazela Pudar Draško, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory

Jelena Ćeriman, Center for Ethics, Law and Applied Philosophy

Verica Pavić Zentner, Social Identity Research

Ana Marija Ivković, Center for Communities Development

Tatjana Lazarević, Center for Communities Development

Vjollca Krasniqi, Center for Communities Development 

18.30-20.00       Round table

Social Justice in the Regional Perspective: Inequalities in the Western Balkans (chair: Gazela Pudar Draško)

Venue: Belgrade Youth Center

Introductory note: Vedran Džihić (Institute for Political Studies, University in Vienna)


Slobodan Cvejić (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade)

Mihail Arandarenko (Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade)

Ivan Sekulović (Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit, Government of the Republic of Serbia)

Mirna Jusić (Social Research Center Analitika, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Gezim Krasniqi (School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London)


May 6, Day 3

Conference Venue: llija M. Kolarac Foundation, Studentski trg 5

09.30-11.00       Plenary Presentations – Plenary Room (Chair: Adriana Zaharijević)

Hauke Brunkhorst (University of Flensburg): “Democracy under Siege. Decay of Global Constitutionalization and Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere”

Jelena Vasiljević (Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade): “How (Do We Need) to Think about Solidarity and Citizenship?”

11.00-11.30       Coffee Break – Lower Lobby

11.30-13.00       Session IV

Panel 9  Mala sala

Chair: Daniel Witte

Justice, Critique and Justification

Panel 10 Sala Josif Pančić

Chair: Rastko Jovanov

Recognition and/or Social Justice

Pane 11 Muzička sala

Chair: Božidar Filipović

Social Justice Between the past and Utopia

Ferdinando Menga

University of Tübingen

Conflict, Singularity, A-Legality: Paradigmatic Insights on Radical Democracy as Infinite Critique of Politico-Legal Boundaries

Alaan McCarthy

University College Cork

Deconstructing Morality, Moving towards Moral Conditions that already Exist

Natalija Ćosić

Central Institute for Conservation (Belgrade)

Negotiating Cultural Heritage Return

Toni Prug

School of Business and Management, University of London

Knowing non-capitalist production: Categories, Determinate Abstractions and Social Forms

Nuri Ali Tahir                           

Center for Advanced Studies, Rijeka

Fighting Injustice Through Health Care Reform: How to Understand Social Injustice and Recent Reforms in American Health Care System

Miloje Grbin, Dejan Petrović

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar / Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Utopianism in Karl Mannheim’s and Lewis Mumford’s Work

Daniel Witte

University of Bonn

The Precarity of Critique: Cultures of Mistrust and the Refusal of Justification

Alexey Trotsak

Kaliningrad State University

On Negative Understanding of Justice: interdisciplinary Approach

Davide Pala

University of Turin

Global Justice Theories and Non-Ideal World

Petra Bakos Jarrett

Central European University, Budapest

Borderlands, Distributive Agency and a Feminist Re-Thinking of ‘Environmental Justice’

13.00-14.00       Lunch break

14.00-15.30       Plenary Presentation – Plenary Room (chair: Srđan Prodanović)

Roberto Frega (French National Centre for Scientific Research): “The Normativity of Democracy”

15.30-17.00       Session V

Panel 12 Mala sala

Chair: Dunja Poleti

Migrations as a Global Challenge for a Just Society

Panel 13 Sala Josif Pančić

Chair: Miodrag Vujošević

Spatial justice, participation in urban development and transparency in decision-making

Pane 14 Muzička sala:

Chair: Olga Nikolić

Social Justice: Case studies

Raluca Bejan

University of Toronto

The ‘East/West’ divide and Europe’s relocation system for asylum seekers

Miodrag Vujošević, Tamara Maričić, Slavka Zeković

Institute of Architecture and Urban&Spatial Planning of Serbia

The role of participative planning in renewal of strategic thinking, research and governance in Serbia

Damian Winczewski

University of Szczecin

Social (In)Justice and Rise of the Conservative State: Recent Case of Poland

Carol Schick

University of Regina

Justice and National Self-Interest: The Case for Quality Education

Tselios Vasileios

University of Thessaly

Social welfare, political decentralization and quality of governance in Europe

Sevgi Çoban

Hacettepe University

Tracing Emotional Labour in Job Notices on the Most Popular Career Web Sites in Turkey

Zaremba Kosovich

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The Notions About Social Justice among Ukrainian Labour Migrants

Marija Cvetinovic, Jean-Claude Bolay

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Participatory Urban Transformations in Savamala: capacities and limitations

Badrinath Rao

Kettering University

Promoting Social Justice in a Neo-Liberal Context: Lessons from India

  Graeme Sherriff

University of Salford

Social and Environmental Justice through Transport policy: New Perspectives on Greater Manchester’s ‘Congestion Charge’ Referendum

Felix Fritsch

University of Amsterdam

Building the Resistance. A collective reflection on the establishment of BASOC, Centre for radical Radical Social and Political Change in Banja Luka

  Anđelka Mirkov

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Gentrification and Social Justice at the Neighbourhood Level

17.00       Official closing of the conference – Plenary Room (Adriana Zaharijević)