The Man of Capitalism exhibition, May 4-15

The Man of Capitalism exhibition will be held in Bezistan (in the vicinity of the Terazije square) from May 4 to May 15, 2016.

On May 4 at 7 p.m. the 3a3or collective will present their video intervention ‘Oj Kozaro’.


NAjava slika


The main focus of the exhibition is the attempt to assess the level of social justice, taking humanity as the most important component of the reflection. It is argued that humanity within the capitalist world system is framed by two main elements: class position and nationality. This perspective raises several questions: how do we define man in capitalist society; what type of motives inspires such ideal of humanity; what is excluded from that concept; is there a dominant and alternative way to describe humanism in today’s society?


Danilo Prnjat
Jana Stojaković
Ante Kustre
Darinka Pop-Mitić
Slavica Ilić
Vladimir Opsenica
Nikoleta Marković
Predrag Kešelj
Boško Filipović
Mića Stajčić
Marija Nikolić
Erick Dagoberto Escalante Miranda
Paul Segers
Tatjana Rukavina
Milena Pešut
Nikola Ojdanić
Sonja Jankov
Marko Vojnić